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The Roles and Benefits of Activity-Based Analysis

Click on the link to download the presentation. Unzip the file. Open the PowerPoint file.

  1. Activity-Based Analysis in the Contact Center(9 minutes, 3.2MG Zipped File)

  2. Learn how contact centers are using activity-based analysis for resource management, decision support, and defining costs and business impact.

  3. Using Activity-Based ROI to Quantify the Impact of Your Solution(3 minutes, 1.29MG Zipped File)

  4. Create more powerful sales presentations using activity-based analysis to provide ROI and TCO reports showing the business impact of your solution.

To view these presentations first download the WebEx player (Download). Then click on the presentation link and open the zipped file. Extract the file and then open the file to play the presentation. Please contact us at 902-794-7095 for any assistance with downloading or playing the WebEx presentations.  The presentation can best be viewed with a computer monitor resolution of 1280 x 1024 or higher.

  1. Consultants! Win with a Primary Matters Partnership (Part 1) (20 Minutes, 5.8 MGB Zipped File)

  2. Consultants! Win with a Primary Matters Partnership (Part 2) (14.5 Minutes, 3.8 MGB Zipped File)

A partnership with Primary Matters enables Contact Center consultants to “win big” through the use of our activity-based analysis tool, the Primary Matters Guide®. You will close more projects with a shorter sales cycle. Your projects will be more profitable due to reduced analysis time. You will establish enduring relationships with your clients that result in long-term, recurring projects.

Primary Matters and The Primary Matters Guide®

Click on the link to download the presentation. Unzip the file. Open the PowerPoint file.

  1. Primary Matters and The Primary Matters Guide® (7 minutes, 2.3MGB Zipped File)

  2. Understand who we are and what we do at an introductory level.

  3. What is Activity-based Planning? (9 minutes, 3.1MGB Zipped File)

  4. Learn how activity-based planning has evolved, the value of activity-based planning, and how Primary Matters provides the next-generation approach to activity-based planning.

  5. How do organizations use The Guide ™ and our services? (8.5 minutes, 2.8MGB Zipped File)

  6. Develop an understanding of how The Guide™ and our services can add value in your organization by reviewing how others have benefited.

  7. How does The Guide™ work? (8 minutes, 2.5MGB Zipped File)

  8. Delve more deeply into the logic behind The Guides’ revolutionary approach.

  9. What are the Results, Value and Payback from The Guide™? (10.5 minutes, 3.5MGB Zipped File)

  10. Review the reports produced by The Guide™ and the quantified value our clients have received through these Reports.

  11. Running Scenarios (11.5 minutes, 4 MGB Zipped File)

  12. Explore the Scenario Comparison component of The Guide™ and the ease of data entry to produce the Scenarios.

  13. Producing a Return on Investment (10 minutes, 3 MGB Zipped File)

    Realize the credibility of a Business Case, including a fully-discounted Return on Investment, produced for any initiative you are considering, using The Primary Matters Guide®.

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