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Primary Matters is a software development and management consulting company focused exclusively on understanding and improving all aspects of the impact of business initiatives on operations.   Primary Matters was founded in 1997 to create products and services that enable customers to understand the costs driving their current operations, to evaluate forward looking operational and technological initiatives, and to make sound business decisions.

In 1999 a US Patent was filed to protect the revolutionary manner in which activities, resources, and systems are defined and utilized by our product software.  This breakthrough enables more efficient and detailed planning and decision support for virtually any organization and any function with an organization.

Primary Matters provides activity-based business analytics products and services that support budgeting, strategic, capacity and resource planning, and business impact analysis.  

Our benefits are available to customers via our:

Due to our unique approach to consulting and outsourced services, our customers achieve the business benefits they seek quickly and effectively  because our practice knowledge is supported by our modeling solution - The Primary Matters Guide®.   The Guide is a complete, integrated business planning and budgeting solution used in a range of operational environments, including IT, contact centers, sales groups, field organizations, product management, technical support and many other functions.

The Guide is simple to use, but offers a very sophisticated planning environment.  It addresses the biggest problems with planning tools--complexity, long time to benefit, high expense, and extensive training requirements.  The designers at Primary Matters have studied all aspects of business planning, and have learned which factors make big differences in the results of the plan, which have moderate impact, and which have almost no effect.  This knowledge is embedded in The Guide's user interface. The structured, step-by-step nature of the data input interface requires only that data which will be material to the results.  Coupled with content rich, prepackaged templates of technology and personnel information, the user is able to realize immediate value from The Guide.

The Guide is Primary Matters' publishing platform.  Pre-populated templates of systems, personnel, and services are available on a 'click on' or 'click off' basis.  Users instantly understand the budget and resource implications of a change in their environment.  Regular updates to the content templates are included with a software license and maintenance agreement.

Specific applications of The Guide include:

Business Analytics

Budgeting and Resource Forecasting, Activity-Based Costing, Return on Investment, Total Cost/Value of Ownership, Targeted Cost Reductions, Performance Metrics, Labor Force Modeling (Cost of recruiting and hiring, and forecasting), Outsourcing (Selecting, developing contract requirements for, comparing, establishing performance metrics,  and managing outsourcers)

Technology Impact Analysis (TCO, TVO and ROI)    

ACD, CTI, IVR, CRM, Email Management, Workforce Management, Knowledge Management, Quality Management, Telecommunications, VOIP, Voice Recognition

Organizational Planning   

Contact Centers, Customer Support, Technical Support, Sales, Marketing, Product Marketing, Upper Management 

Business Cases/ROI for Vendors

Technology Vendors, Outsourcers, ASP Providers 

Business Plans for New Ventures or Venture Capital Firms

The Primary Matters’ approach to activity-based planning and analysis is summarized in the following graphic.


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