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The Primary Matters Guide® provides a wealth of information in its reports.   The following list is a summary of these reports.   Additional reports are available and are expanded continuously.   The Guide ™ automatically produces :

Budget Reports

  • 3-Year Operating Budget Summary (Capitalized Investments)
  • 3-Year Cash Flow Budget Summary
  • 3-Year Detailed Budgets (Cash and Operating)
  • System Budgets (TCO for included Systems and Budgets for facilities and telecommunications)
  • System Component and Demand Reports   (showing numbers of licenses, users and components of Systems month-by-month)
  • Labor Budgets (including all major attributes of employees and non-employee Labor costs and forecasts)
  • Cost per Unit Demand Reports (cost per customer, per call, per product, etc.)

Business Driver (demand on the organization) Reports

  • Installed and Forecasted Base Reports (i.e. Customers, Products, Services)
  • New and Retiring Installed Base (i.e. Customers, Products, Services)
  • Sales and other Funnel Reports (activities needed to meet future goals)
  • Custom Business Driver Reports

Labor and Personnel Category Reports

  • Headcount Reports by Personnel Category (Quarterly and Monthly)
  • Fixed Personnel
  • Variable Personnel (required to meet the demand placed on your organization)
  • Hiring Plans by Personnel Category
  • Employee Costs
  • Cost per Employee
  • Productivity Reports
  • Actual vs. Required Labor by Variable Personnel Category

Activity Reports

  • Activity and Task Summary and Detail Reports
  • Variable Activity and Task Cost Reports
  • Fully-allocated Activity Cost Reports
  • Month-by-Month Activity Details
  • Activity Growth Rates
  • Activity Volume
  • Activity Marginal and Total Cost History and Forecasts (3-year forecasts)

Scenario Reports

  • Scenario Comparisons of Operating and Cash Budgets
  • Scenario Comparisons of Labor and Headcount Requirements
  • Activity Comparisons (including volume and costs)
  • Total Cost of Ownership, ROI, and Present Value analysis of alternative Scenarios
  • Cost per Unit of Demand Comparisons (cost per customer, product, call, etc.)

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