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Use of Our Product and Services

The Primary Matters Guide® is used in many different ways by our clients.   Just as any internal analysis, usage is based on the current situation and the questions that management needs answers to now.   The following is a list of some of the ways The Guide™ is currently adding value to our clients.

  • Project accurate, detailed budgets and resource (headcount and system) requirements  
  • Determine total-cost-of-ownership and ROI for business and technology initiatives
  • Design IT Projects to optimize business benefits (i.e. Converged Networks and VoIP)
  • Track Projects to manage them towards their business goals
  • View detailed forecasts of labor requirements and hiring
  • Examine the impact of re-designing business processes
  • Combine multiple initiatives in different ways to develop a technology roadmap
  • View detailed activity-based costing to reveal the process steps with the most material impact on your budget
  • Determine product and service cost for pricing (including the cost of support)
  • View a range of Performance Metrics
  • Benchmark best practices and generalize across the organization for efficiency
  • Reveal the cost of each process step in producing your product or service
  • Analyze centralized or decentralized support strategies
  • Manage Outsourcers for reduced support budgets
  • Project resources required for new work
  • Model the workforce to manage towards higher productivity
  • Model alternative operations plans and compare the resources (budget, headcount, and systems) required

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