Primary Matters

White Papers and Example Business Impact Analyses

Through our consulting services provided directly to our clients or as a subcontractor to other consulting firms, Primary Matters provides benefit to customers though producing:

Primary Matters White Papers (thematic treatments of important topics)

  1. Financial Contribution Analysis for Contact Centers…Activity-based Decision Making in Revenue-producing Centers
  2. Selling Technology to Customer Support and Contact Centers…Quantifying the Benefits of Your Offering with ROI/TCO Analysis
  3. Contact Center Outsourcers! Prepare RFP Responses that Win Projects…with Activity-based Analysis
  4. On-Premise versus Hosted Contact Center Solutions
  5. Differentiate Your Contact Center Consulting…with Activity-based TCO/ROI Analysis
  6. Creating Superior Outsourcing Relationships
  7. Top Tips from Primary Matters’ Customer Successes
  8. Why Upper Management doesn’t trust Project TCO and ROI Analyses and How to Fix the Problem
  9. What Management Needs for Planning, Budgeting and Assessing Business Strategies
  10. Measuring and Managing the Productivity and Costs of the Employee Job Life Cycles
  11. Customer Contact Centers are Still Not Strategic
  12. Application Service Provider (ASP) Solutions
  13. Business Impact and ROI Analyses that Support Project Funding
  14. CTI: Has CTI Failed to Meet its Market Expectations?
  15. Targeted Cost Cutting

Primary Matters ROI Studies

  1. ICMI ROI Study-Consulting Assessment
  2. ICMI ROI Study-Essential Skills and Knowledge Seminars

Primary Matters Example Strategic and Project-specific Business Impact Analyses ( generic examples of specific initiatives)

  1. The Impact of an Inter-Departmental CRM Solution on Large Retail Banks with Multiple-Lines-of-Business
  2. The Impact of a Next Generation Voice Recognition Solution on Credit Union and Banking IVR Applications
  3. The Impact on Contact Center Budgets and Headcount of Changing the Profiles of New Agent Recruits
  4. The Impact of Adding Web-based, IVR-Voice Recognition, Self-Help to the FAQ and Case Management Solutions of a Technical Support Center
  5. Analyzing the Business Value of Hewlett Packard’s Open Call Media Platform on Today’s Voice Service Architectures

Partner White Papers and Example Analyses

  1. Off-shoring Technical Support Centers: Challenges and Best Practices
  2. The Amae CI Suite™: Quantifying Benefits and Business Modeling Using The Primary Matters Guide® Business Impact Analysis Tool


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