"The Guide is designed to explore the nearly infinite combinations of investments and workflow that can impact performance. The objective is to determine how a change in either a driver or a resource impacts resource consumption, profitability, operating budgets, and performance. Prepopulated templates for personnel, systems, and services are provided to simplify the effort required to populate the model. Because The Guide is activity based, it can model nearly any operating environment that is transaction and resource intensive."

"Tuning the Call Center: Evaluating Alternative Performance Enhancing Investments,"
Tom Richards, Financial Insights Analyst, IDC
Our Typical Customer

Our Typical Customer

The Primary Matters Guide® has a broad application. The benefits are pertinent to many different industries, companies, divisions and departments. Review of list of organizations and departments that are currently receiving value. More...

Use of Our Product and Services 

The Primary Matters Guide® is used in many different ways by our clients. Just as any internal analysis, usage is based on the current situation and the questions that management needs answers to now. Explore a list of some of the ways The Guide™ is currently adding value to our clients. More...

Narrated Presentations

Download Pre-recorded Presentations to view.   These presentations cover a range of topics geared to provide the viewer with a detailed understanding of Primary Matters and The Primary Matters Guide®.

  • Primary Matters and The Primary Matters Guide® (~7 minutes, 2.3MGB Zipped File)
  • What is Activity-based Planning? (~9 minutes, 3.1MGB Zipped File)
  • How do organizations use The Guide™ and our services? (~8.5 minutes, 2.8MGB Zipped File)
  • Consultants! Win with a Primary Matters Partnership (Part 1 and 2)
  • More...

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