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A Large Public Internet Service Provider

Managing the access to their secure facilities was costing them $600,000 a year. Adding a $30,000 module to their existing case management system could put access management into the hands of their customers.  The result -- huge cost savings, much better customer service, and happier customers.

An Internet Software Application Company

Case resolution often involved escalation of work from Tier 1 to Tier 2. The cost to escalate was $7.16 per escalation -- $250,000 a year.  This money was much better spent on additional Tier 1 training and the acquisition of a knowledge management system.

A Rapidly Growing Company in the Education Industry

The cost of NOT making a decision to implement ACD technology in their center was $5500 per month.

A Large Broadband Service Provider

When asked to cut budget they opted to send more calls to a Center in Canada where the labor rates and telecommunication costs were significantly lower.  Without the ability to document the savings they would have resorted to cutting staff instead.

A Large Research and Systems Integration Firm 

The Guide provided an ROI and a road map of process change results that were used at the Executive Level to demonstrate the benefits of a large system installation. 

A Technical Product Support Organization

In the first analysis using The Guide, they proved that hiring employees was cheaper than contracting even though the employees were paid more.  They saved $3,000 annually for 21 employees for a total of $63,000 or .5% of the annual budget.  They reached breakeven for The Guide in the first few weeks of use.  The Support Director stated, "It wasn't a matter of making the decision faster or sooner, we would have never been able to perform the analysis without The Guide." 

A Support Organization

After 1.5 days of training, the baseline was built in just over three hours. Using just the baseline, pricing to customers was able to be refined to ensure costs were being covered.  This saved more than the cost of the software license in the first analysis within two days of opening The Guide for the first time.

A National Retail Distribution Organization

Facing the need for major technology change in their organization, The Guide was used to prepare a thorough analysis of the cost and benefit of every initiative to support funding requests.  The initiatives were extremely complex involving phased technology implementation and multiple initiatives combined into a single ROI.  Much of the analysis would have been impossible without The Guide, but at a minimum they estimate at least six analyst months of time versus the three analyst weeks required using The Guide. At a $70,000 fully-loaded cost per analyst, in the first use,  The Guide saved over $30,000 in analysis costs.more than the cost of the software.  They passed breakeven in the first use within three weeks of purchase.

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