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AAA National

"After one and a half days of training, we built, in less than four hours, the first baseline for a AAA Call Center using The Primary Matters Guide™. It is clear the baseline reports and scenarios you can run in The Guide provide amazing clarity and justification for process change. This is a great tool for call centers of any size to use and we fully expect AAA/CAA clubs to find a lot of value in utilizing The Primary Matters Guide™."

Patty Kleinfeldt, Director, AAA, Quality and Education


“We are excited with the opportunities that Primary Matters will bring to us as we adapt to changing dynamics in customer support. The Primary Matters Guide™, in conjunction with our joint know-how, will allow us to rapidly evaluate and execute ever-improving support models. There is no doubt that Primary Matters, along with effective change management, will help us to quantify, communicate, and make those hard decisions easier. As one of the professors in the Master of Science in Science and Technology Commercialization program stated... ‘The right system makes you look smart.’ The Primary Matters Guide™ does exactly that.”

Rick Burgos, Manager, Global Customer Support Center


I’ve been looking for a real way to differentiate my services from other contact center consultants and help me position my work at more senior levels in my clients’ organizations.  The Guide™ has helped me do both.
With the capabilities provided by The Guide, I can now easily position my company and my services with C level executives.  The Guide has provided me with a whole new value proposition that is based on providing both strategic value and tactical value.
This combination of value recently resulted in an engagement that I would not have been able to win in the past.  And, as a result of the solid, quantifiable, and provable ROI The Guide helped me develop, I am now positioned for a series of new strategic and tactical engagements with that same client.
The client was so satisfied with the work I completed, they have been willing to act as a senior level reference—which is already paying dividends with new opportunities.

Michael Bitter, Consultant, Intervox

Intervox (IT Effectiveness Group)

The IT Effectiveness Group, an InterVox Group affiliate, are consultants for contact center performance management. The InterVox Group is a Primary Matters partner. IT Effectiveness Group, uses The Guide™ in client engagements to show where their clients' costs are being consumed as well as to project future trends. In a recent consulting engagement, their client was operating 6 in-house contact centers and was considering consolidating those centers into fewer, larger sites. Kevin Hayes, lead consultant on the project stated, "The Guide has been extremely helpful in establishing the priority, business case, and content for new technology deployments". The Guide enabled them to identify the cost efficiencies for their client of consolidating their 6 centers into 2 larger sites.


"As a new user of The Guide, I immediately began extremely complex scenario analysis. Besides producing results in record time, I have a better understanding of the data we collect on a regular basis and a clear vision for the initiatives we are planning. Using The Guide enables better management through a deep knowledge of our organization and a precise understanding of the costs and benefits of change."

Tamara Westbrook, Director- Westlake, McKesson 

“We have pushed The Guide’s potential as hard as we could over the last three weeks using it for the financial analysis supporting a capital funding presentation at the Corporate level. We discovered a great deal about our internal data, modeled the cost and benefits of several initiatives including phased steps to technology implementation, and combined initiatives that revealed a consolidated ROI. We accomplished months of analysis in a few weeks. The presentation had an impressive level of credibility since the cost and benefit drivers are specific and obvious. The Guide reveals valuable information and forces us to understand our organization better.”

Ken Webb, VP-Service First, McKesson

Metromedia Fiber Network

“As a result of having implemented …the financial model, we now know the high cost of doing nothing.  Our priorities are crystal clear.  I had no idea that seemingly insignificant aspects of our operation could be such a rich source of opportunity.  For the first time, we have the information we need to take specific, immediate action.”

Beverly Adamo, Vice President, Client Services, Metromedia Fiber Network 


“The company was hit with a need to reduce their workforce. Since the Technical Support Organization used The Guide to project resource requirements, they were able to much more quickly and efficiently identify where there was excess, and right-size accordingly.”

Steve Kitchen, Director, Financial Planning/Service Delivery

Roche Diagnostics

"We needed a method of analyzing the impact of technology implementations, marketing programs, contact volume changes and other business process and strategy changes. With The Guide, we are able to accomplish the business impact analysis we need and in the time frames promised by Primary Matters.

Just the other day I was asked to develop several ROIs on implementing new IT solutions. The person requesting was thrilled when I provided the ROIs in the detailed, yet concise format that The Guide provides."

Anne Stover, Accu-Chek Customer Care, Roche Diagnostics Corporation

Strategic Contact

Strategic Contact, a Primary Matters partner, uses The Guide to help clients with their business case for strategic plans. For example, a recent consulting project focused on a strategic plan for migrating a multi-site contact center to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) infrastructure. Strategic Contact helped define the vision and migration phases to help the client achieve its goals. The Guide was used to build a baseline cost for the technology platform, support resources, and staffing. Several scenarios were run to show the cost savings offered by VoIP with various levels of assumptions on the savings opportunity in technology platform investment and maintenance, support resource savings from consolidation, with the baseline built, it was easy to run other scenarios to show the value of speech recognition and quality monitoring. "The Guide helped to make the technology strategy more tangible to the senior management that ultimately had to approve the investments defined in the strategic plan," stated Lori Bocklund, President of Strategic Contact and lead consultant on the project. The client is now in the process of implementing the changes defined in the strategy.


“A BIG, BIG issue we face in our sales efforts revolves around a very weak understanding by our prospects of critical data that is required for any cost benefit analysis. The TCO has enabled us to assemble data and analyze data that was never previously recognizable by the prospect - prior to the TCO, our prospects never really understood the reality and resulting loss of revenue due current procedural shortfalls. The TCO not only guides us in collecting data, but clearly articulates the impact that our solution will make to the prospect's bottom line. Importantly, Primary Matters has elevated our ability to speak an entirely new language. … Furthermore, the TCO has enabled us to greatly differentiate our company from our competitors. Others simply cannot talk our language with this capability. The layout and ease of format has been commended by one of our prospects as being much easier to absorb than the current in-house financial analysis model.”

“Due to their knowledge and understanding of data collection, data assembly and data presentation (layout). The knowledge behind [The Guide] is incredible. Now, putting aside the fact that this is a … model that reaches beyond anything that I have ever seen previously, the people at Primary Matters have a genuine desire for us to win. That means that they are there to guide us in every aspect of understanding the real value of ROI.“

Kevin Leonard, VP-Sales, StratSource

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